​​Maintenance Request Form

Requests are reviewed the following business day.

If EMERGENCY MAINTENANCEis needed call 314-325-6882

Service and Maintenance Procedure

We work hard to complete preventative maintenance to limit repairs and inconveniences in your home.  However from time to time there will be a repair needing attention.  On this page is everything you need to know about getting your home repaired quickly.

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE - Please call 314-325-6882:

Emergency service is available 24/7.  You must call the number, DO NOT TEXT. If it is an emergency we will want to talk to you and get as much information as possible as quickly as possible. An emergency is anything that will cause additional damage if you wait until the next business day. Some examples of an emergency are:

  1. No heat - during freezing weather (your pipes could freeze)
  2. A drain actively backing up sewer waste into the building.  Note this is not a clogged sink, shower, or toilet. 
  3. Fire - PLEASE CALL 911 FIRST
  4. ​Water pipe burst. 

​Please note that if you place an emergency service request and the issue turns out to be a non-emergency or your responsibility, you will be charged for the repair.

STANDARD MAINTENANCE REQUEST - Fill out a request form

We try hard to respond to service requests as quickly as possible.  However if a repair is not an emergency or requires a skilled trade service tech it may take a day or two to schedule.  Please be aware that some repairs may be the tenants responsibility and the tenant may be charged.  Some examples of repairs and maintenance that the tenant may be charged for include:

  1. Clogged drains - It is the tenants responsibility to not put anything down the drain other than approved items.  If a service tech is called due to a clogged drain and the issue is due to grease, hygiene products, paper towels, or any other tenant abuse of the drain, the tenant will be charged for that service.
  2. ​Electrical - too many items plugged into one circuit will trip an electrical circuit breaker or GFI outlet.  Tenants are expected to check breakers and GFI's before calling a tech.  If a tech is dispatched and the issue was simply an overloaded circuit, the tenant will be charged.
  3. ​Central Air / Forced Air Furnace - It is the tenants responsibility to change the air filter at least twice per year.  If the an issue is caused by not changing the filter, the tenant will be charged.
  4. Light Bulbs - Light bulbs are tenants responsibility.  If there is a light bulb you can not get access to, our service tech can replace it for a charge.
  5. Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries - are a tenant responsibility. If there is a detector you can not get access to, our service tech can help replace it for a charge.
  6. General Damage - Damage to the space or appliances, above normal wear and tear, caused by tenants will be charged to the tenant.